Friday, 23 October 2009

Sydney This Time

The photo was taken on my iPhone from our apartment towards the Blue Mountains one evening.

Here we go again. I'm really looking forward to buying a house and settling down in one place again. A luxury that has been out of our grasps for a while now.

After a great year in Melbourne we've moved again, this time to Sydney.

I've taken on a position as Product Manager for a spatial data (mapping) company in North Sydney. It's an interesting position and one that has enough challenges that will keep my interest and allow me to learn heaps. It is the first role I've takenon in many years that does not have a team, the last role had a team of around 40 people based all around the world so this will be a little different.

I'm looking into some exciting technologies and some interesting discussions which I hope to write about soon. The last year has been so disruptive that this blog has suffered from lack of postings, a situation that I hope to rectify in the coming months.

My interests reside in technologies that help companies and people, in leadership, and in company management so if you have something that you want me to look at, or simply want to meet up sometime and you live in Sydney, then drop me an email (from my profile section) and I'd love to talk to you.

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