Friday, 6 March 2009

So Many Things, So Little Time

It has been a very interesting past 6 months or so. I'm now settled in my role in Melbourne as Development Manager for a good sized company here with offices in many countries around the world. It was not the original role that I came over here for, but this time it looks very good.

It will take me time to put some plans into fruition here but the company is strong and the people who work here are wonderful, both technically and socially. I've got to say that this will be a very enjoyable and hopefully long term stay.

The methodologies that I have seen working in this organisation range from close to waterfall right through to a form of Scrum, or even sweat room style. All have their places and all work very well for the teams involved. It will not be an easy task to combine all the teams, globally under a single methodology or even if I would ever want to. However I will need to combine them into a single company-wide toolset and supporting structures and increase their visibility to the rest of the company and their needs.

I have been working on the organisation chart and gaining a feel for the way information flows and how things are done. I've yet to concentrate too much on the other offices but have already expressed that I'll need to get to the European offices in the next few months to meet everyone and spend some time with them.

Our furniture has finally arrived from New Zealand and we are now settled with schools, church, and other necessities all now sorted.

I'll try to revive and update this blog reasonably regularly over the following few months. In the meantime I hope this finds you all well and able to survive the current economic uncertainty.

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