Thursday, 2 August 2007

More on Delphi's early days

My last post generated a bit of discussion, so I was trawling through the websites looking at the early Turbo Pascal information and I came across some interesting tidbits.

As has already been pointed out by one of the readers, there was life even before turbo Pascal. The Pascal Wiki states:
"In the 1980s Anders Hejlsberg wrote the Blue Label Pascal compiler for the Nascom-2. A reimplementation of this compiler for the IBM PC was marketed under the names Compas Pascal and PolyPascal before it was acquired by Borland ... renamed to Turbo Pascal."
Here are a few pages that I found that are worthy of looking into:

By the later 1980's I dropped the Turbo Pascal IDE in favour of MultiEdit. Its still around, and I still use it on occasion, but the Delphi IDE no longer needs it.

A reader in my last post pricked a memory or two over the character "Frank Borland". On searching, I came across this CodeGear piece about Frank. It is definately worth a read.

Ok, now playtime is over and I must get back to work.

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