Monday, 21 January 2008

Team Collaboration Software

We're shortly to turn our attention towards team collaboration software and I'd like your help in the search.

I 've had some excellent feedback on my series on issue/bug registers with some Darkwonderful suggestions, some unfortunately far too late in the process to enter into consideration. I'd like feedback now on team collaboration software.

Since we have settled on JIRA as the issues register, we are seriously considering Confluence ( but there are others out there.

The following is amongst the items we's like to see:

  • Document version control - at least see that there have been previous versions of a document that we can look at. We'd like to see documents stored either in some sort of Windows-type folders, or perhaps attached to some Wiki path, but we'd look at other suggestions.
  • Wiki - we have sales-types in the organisation, they don't do Wiki very well so it's got to be able to be used with MS Word or Excel - and if they load a document, make changes, and save it - the Wiki or document MUST be updated, not just the temporary file that's created on the user's temp directory.
  • A discussion forum would also be nice.
  • able to add graphics to documents
  • Able to add new fields to fill in, .. perhaps
  • Able to see when and by whom something has been changed
  • It would be a HUGE plus if it was able to be run in Unix. In fact, it would be a negative we'd have to get around if it was only Windows.
  • Accessible via internet/intranet
  • Lightening fast search for a word in a gazzillion documents, including Excel, Word, PDF, etc.
  • Secure


So if you have any suggestions on products that I can look at, then please let me know.


  1. Try this one, TopTeam from TechnoSolutions Corporation (

    It is more powerful that a basic Document Version Control and already has most of the things you have requested.

    Though you have decided to go with JIRA, I would like you to give a look at TopTeam. It is powerful that JIRA, considering that TopTeam is a complete Application Life Cycle Suite.

    Register and download a free trial copy.

  2. Steve,

    just take a look on FogCreek FogBugz.
    "the smart bug tracking software with the stupid name" as his own creator, Joel Spolsky like it to call.
    There is even an excellent book on taking the most out of it.


  3. Ok, just for the record: There is a Second Edition of the FogBugz book

  4. Steve: All the buzz about team collaboration software has me thinking. As professionals use collaboration tools to draft and negotiate legal and business transactions, issues will arise regarding record retention and discovery in litigation. Enterprise document retention policies will need to be revised.

  5. Not sure if you can integrate it, but I find drupal to be a very nice solution to team collaboration. You can plug n play a whole lot of modules to meet your needs with limited work required.

  6. Team collaboration software is an essential part of the work that any team has as without a tool some amount of work is just transformed into a mess. I suggest trying Comindware task management system which is great for team work.


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