Thursday, 21 March 2013

New Blog Leading Technical Teams

Good day to all readers. I have been pleasantly surprised to see that this blog has a readership that is still quite large despite the length of time since I last posted. 

I've also noted that the blog, and the people searching for answers here, have been towards posts that relate to team leadership. 

I realised that I do like writing and learning and the interaction that a blog can give to me and others. To this end, realising that the current blog is a little more technical focussed, I have started a new blog. is designed to be a place where everyone can come and learn and contribute. I'm working on a suitable forums section as well. 

It is my real hope that some of you can also contribute with posts of your own and questions and answers. 

I know the difficulties that a team leader faces, often put there due to little more than being the best technician. Leadership is a different skill that needs to be learned. Much more often than not the team leader is also not really a team member and suddenly finds they have no one to discuss and get advice from. 

Join me at and contact me. Lets make it a place we can contribute to and learn from, and where we can find that we are not alone.

I welcome you to my new blog at

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