Wednesday, 13 June 2007

In Brisbane next week

My son is getting married so its off to Brisbane to attend the wedding.

This means that the past week has been turned upside down and I haven't done much on the blogsite because of this and other commitments.

Brisbane is a wonderful place and I wish I could have more time to see the sights. It'll be a lot warmer there than it is here at the moment so my Fiance is dragging out her summer clothes and has started packing for the trip. Being a guy, I only need a few minutes to throw some stuff into a bag before I leave, go pick her up and head to the airport.

I have just a little bit of apprehension on the length of time it will take to pick up Carol though. Based on her descriptions of decisions on things to pack, I'd best arrive at her house with plenty of time to spare.

I wouldn't miss this for the world. My son and his Fiance are the most wonderful couple and their getting married has been high on my wish list for years.

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