Monday, 14 May 2007

But I don't wanna Project Group!

I've been head down on an important change to the system so have reluctantly put aside the blog. Have no fear though as I am back onto it again.

While I was working away I came across a Delphi frustration that caused some concern. I've only recently taken over a very large amount of code from a previous programmer who used the "New Directory" theory of version control. This creating a new directory for each release.

His directory structure looks something like this...


When version 01d is released, the entire directory would by copied into a new ..\01e\ directory and work would continue there.

This works fine until I set up proper version control here. However Delphi starts to insist on changing code in the previous directory even when you are working on the new one. It also starts to insist - yes absolutely INSIST, that it must create a Project Group that includes the project in the old directory.

To get around this, I deleted the *.dsk file. These are text files that hold specific directory information that Delphi uses. Delphi will recreate this file when it next loads.

Some have suggested that I also delete *.cfg and *.dof files as well, but so far these files have been innocent.

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